Comeph and Associates ltd provide Technical Service to install and promote the newly designed improved stoves.
Comeph and Associates has the resources, capacity and experience to deliver all of the required services; More so, Comeph relies on targeted diffusion of efficient interventions to communities, thereby ensuring our organization’s strong commitment to Research and Development into technology transfer and dissemination to communities by providing education and training opportunities that are accessible and relevant to the markets.
Comeph has a unique expertise in delivering cost effective, yet inclusive vocational and skills training systems that integrate and meet the needs of the diverse geographic communities and their different socio-economic backgrounds in Ghana and beyond. Comeph has over the years forged a successful reputation in managing projects and providing highly-skilled personnel assistance in the areas of ceramic such as ceramic water filters, ceramic cookstove liners, bricks production and construction of institutional cookstoves amongst others cross-cutting institutions and the public sector.
Our demand-driven approach to training and education are based on promoting sound and proven linkage to business and hence integrating economic development.
As part of our primary functions of responding to train the have-nots in society, we orient our trainings as such. In this regard, Comeph has undertaken projects and provided services such as: increasing access to efficient cookstoves, cooking fuels, clean water, enhanced resource accessibility, etc. initiating and sustaining these improvements with various monitoring and tracking systems

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