The science underpinning the project are the rocket stove science (thermodynamics), pyrolysis, together with a combination of redox, oxidation, pressure temperature and condensation

The innovation of our project is a holistic one. It combines improved efficient institutional cookstove, heat exchangers with maximum heat transfer, reducing both fuel consumption and emissions. The whole process is done without fluid catalytic Cracker (FCC). The product is low in Sulphur emissions and has high quality research octane number of 95 and above ( RON)and low sulfur based diesel fuel. The other inherent services to the creative industry would be the cleanup of plastics waste in our environment (drainage systems, in the sea, on the shoreline to name a few)

Our service is strengthening network of our plastic waste suppliers with the necessary management skills that will enhance their efficiency in a safe and efficient collection and delivery of plastics waste.  The small scale network of plastic collectors numerous and mostly women. They need to categorized and provide needed equipment for pre-processing of plastic. The product which currently being produced at 50litres a day will be supplied in bulk to buyers at 15% less market price. Our services will create a recycling based society reduce CO2 emissions as well as create new energy source in Ghana.

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